Colour advice-red to purple?


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Aug 20, 2014
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Hi. Im nearly finished my level 2 in hairdressing.
However a model has messaged me asking if she can go purple.
At the moment she has red hair, but more of a dark red. She hasn't stated what purple so what suggestions to you advice? I'm guessing a dark purple/plum colour but what if she wants bright purple? I really don't want to lighten her hair.
So I think:
A dark vibrant plum
No pre lightening.

Am i right? Or could I put a vibrant purple all over? She wants to know before I take her into college, so I can't really ask my tutor. We use matrix at college. Any advice please?
If you apply a purple based colour over that, it will go a very dark maroon with a hint of purple.

If she wants a very vibrant purple, you'll need to bleach it up to yellow or a level 8 and it's really a colour correction. If you're only just finishing level 2, it's probably best to attempt this under supervision.
Also, for vibrant colour, you really need to use a direct dye on a very light base. Tints will not look as bright unless you're using something like Goldwell Elumen.
in a recent hair class I went to they were talking about remember what level which pigments live at. Violet lives at a 3, so it is best to stay around that level for the best results.. I usually stick around a level of 4 or 5 for the vibrancy clients like to see.
In my experience of going over red with violet, the red always shines through. If you have a product that can remove pigment that isn't bleach, I would use that just to decolourize it a bit, and then go in with your colour so the violet really shows!
Oh and don't use 10 vol, that can really kill the vibrancy

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