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Dec 30, 2015
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I had my hair coloured about 4weeks ago. I was blonde before with bleach and 12/1 but had my hair dyed brown using 7/0. The colour got even better as it washed out because the blonde tones started coming through but my roots were slightly a ginger colour which was really bugging me so I asked for a t-section of scattered bleached highlights so my roots wasn't so notiably a different colour but what I asked for I didn't get because I got a half head of bleach! Now I'm back to square one where my hair is to blonde again-.- I need advice on what to do because I hate my hair being so light, what can I do to be slightly darker again with keeping a bit of blonde in? Will the 7/0 lift my hair? NEED HELP ASAP!!
Are you a hairdresser?

If the stylist didn't do what you asked, you should have really said something before you left.
Otherwise I recommend going back and seeing your stylist. Explaining it wasn't what you wanted.

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