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Apr 10, 2012
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Hiya I was wondering if anyone could help I'm a newly qualified stylist and need some advice :) iv done a bleach wash on a friends hair she was a base of a 6 and she wanted to be a 7 So I lightend it slightly and put 7/0 and 7/3 half and half colour touch over it has come out patchy and very copper what should I do now can anyone help please x xx
Hi Rowena,

Your post needs to be moved to the Hair Forum as you are qualified.

May I ask why you did a bleach bath? Did she already have some residual colour on her hair? What state was the hair in before you re-coloured it?

Did you bleach it again before putting the colour touch on?

I don't use colour touch so cannot advise on whether you used the right products but another Geek will probably help.

If you can provide more information, we should be able to offer some helpful suggestions.
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It already had 6/0 colour touch on it and the ends had become quite dark so that's why I put the bleach bath on only for about 5 mins once I had applied it all over but not on the natural regrowth then I washed it off and dried it and applied the 7/0 and 7/3 but it's now to copper and to me looks patchy thanks for the reply I'll try and move it now x

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