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Dec 7, 2014
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My client wants her hair to have some blues, greens and violets.

This is one of the images sent to me. Seeing it in person she has a band of violet underneath (she has been using brite organix). Now I can certainly work with that (not the worst colour correction I've had to be part of), However I'm not sure that my colour line can achieve what she is wanting (I am using Farmavita which is italian based). So I was wondering if anyone has worked with the line or a similar line, and if you guys had any nice colour combinations that I could have for what she is wanting. All of my stand tests feel a little dark; (all 1:1 ratio on 10.0 and the reflect (in this case blue, green, blue/green, violet and blue, violet)

Now I could dilute (say 1:2 or even 1:5) them but they simply don't seem to have the saturation I am looking for from what I can see.

Her hair;

These are some of the pictures she has shown me;



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Aug 11, 2011
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West Cork, Ireland
If she wants it very vivid like the pictures she has sent you, you’ll need to bleach up to a 10, tone it to neutral then apply direct dye.
Permanent colour won’t be nearly as bright. Goldwell’s Elumen is an exception but I don’t know how easily obtained it is, over there.

You’ll also have to warn her that it will fade quickly when washed and will need re-applying if she wants to maintain it for longer than a couple of weeks. Direct dye vivids require a lot of upkeep and for many clients, the cost of paying the hairdresser to re-apply it every 2-3 weeks becomes too expensive.

This is where your consultation technique is vital. You need to offer the client realistic options and if her heart is set on very bright hair, it’s cost of the upkeep (regular re-application and time it takes) v a less bright but slightly longer lasting colour.

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