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Dec 8, 2011
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High Ongar Essex
I have a new client whos hair is tinted to level 6 with bleach highlights through . Her natural base is white. She wants to be a base of 7 with very light creamy blonde highlights. Her previous hairdresser has repeatadly used too darker base and let the tint seep into the very light highlights to leave them with a slight kahki hue. I'm thinking to go with a 7 on the root and break up the darker inch of 6 with some scattered highlights using matrix Graphics with the mocha pigment. I'm thinking that if I use the graphics mixed with the 22 developer and mix it with an 8 to clean the ends up which I will pick up as I highlight. I hope this makes sense!
Any other ideas?
Just use 8 all the way through, the slower the lift the better the result x
thanks. I was hoping you would answer
8vol is I think 2.6vol And 22 is 6.8 or 6.6 vol I think x
do you think the 8vol will lift to a clean blonde. She has stressed that she wants them very light creamy blonde
Yes mocha is neutral but will lift maybe use blue with 8 vol aswell, I always use 8 if the hair light like this x