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Nov 13, 2011
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Hi geeks, please help. Iv got a very fussy client who has light bleached hair she would like to go a cool base 7, can any one recommend a nice colour. I tend to use wella or loreal but willing to try others to make sure it's right for her. Thanks in advance x
What's her natural level?
Be very very careful!! It's very unlikely you'll get a cool colour first after bleach without it going green, blue, and very flat, try going to a pearl first x
She's about a 6 naturally, I don't think she will have much root as its not long since we did it, she now wants a change. I know that's what I thought about the coolness. X
I'd pre pig with 9.3 with gold mix or 9g half tube with 7gg quarter tube in matrix then go in with 8P or 8.13
Yeah I'd prepig with 9.03 in DiaLight I'm Loreal, cause 9.3 might go quite brassy I've found with the .3, .03 in DiaLight, then tint with 3/4 8.13 + 1/4 8.2 maybe??
Great thanks blue!
Ok thank you, iv got a photo of what she wants but not sure how to add it? I'd say the root area Is slightly more yellow than ends too if that helps? Thanks
.0 on bleach with gold ends up green.
.03 is natural gold?
She wants blonde foils scattered then a caramel throughout but not brassy quite a soft colour, similar to Jennifer Anderson.
.0 always contains a small amount of green!
So what's the best way to pre pig if I'm doing foils too?

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