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Jun 17, 2013
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Hi Geeks,
I have a new client in tomorrow for colour correction and i have done the usual skin test and taken a strand test. She has always used home kits and from what i can gather has been dark brown and reds for the past few years. Now she has descided to go blonde. Her hair isnt in great condition but she is having it restyled from long to a short style (above shoulder length).
She has put a home kit on her dark brown so her roots are a 10/0 and her midlength and ends are around a 8/0. So i only need to lift out 2 shades. so wqith my test peice i did a bleech bath and it didnt even touch it at all! I asked her if she has used pantene or head and shoulders on her hair and she says she hasnt i also asked her if she has used XXL home kits and again she says she hasnt. So i am going to have to r#strip the colour out. I have advised her to use a clarifying shampoo between now (this was on wednesday) and her appointment to try and get rid of some build up.
I havnt used any of the stripping kits that my local wholesaler supplies before and was wondering which of the following two are most advised, Loreal effasor or rusk elimin8 colour correction.
Or if you can advise something else instead?
Thanks in advance
What did your bleach bath consist of?
Bleech water shampoo and 6% developer x

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I also did a second strand without the shampoo and no difference x

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It's tricky when clients use home kits because we don't know the strength of the products they've used, would she not settle for an overall 8 and improve the condition of her hair first then maybe get highlights?
Unfortuantely not. I no it annoys me home kits should be banned! She wants it Blonde. Its her mum (who's a client of mine who ive been doing for years) that's insisting she gets it done in the salon otherwise she will put another home kit on and make it worse!

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Nightmare! Why don't you try the bleach bath without the water? That would just dilute the solution further? I usually do 1:1:1 of bleach powder, shampoo, developer.

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