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Dec 20, 2014
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Okay so I did a full head foils on a new client the other day, who has level 9 ends and about 4 inches of level 6/7 root, used 10vol up the back 20vol on the sides and crown and mixed in abit of 30vol for the front, now after 45 mins the back and sides wer light enough but the parting was not. I went over it with bleach and 30vol and left until they looked light enough and she insisted she didn't want a toner which was fine.
Okay so the client rang back up yesterday requesting another stylist fix it and says is not light enough and patchy.
Now obviously foiling 4 inch regrowth some brown will be in there as its obviously weaved? And i did check if she was happy with the colour before leavin which she said yes so I just made a note on the record card that she has quite resistant hair n to use 30vol next time.
Now I don't know about other stylists but things like this don't half knock my confidence. If she was booked in with me to fix it I don't think it would be as bad but I just feel like a terrible hairdresser. Obviously I'll be in the salon when she comes back in and I've been gettin terrible anxiety about it. I know it's easily fixed but I don't know this is the second time in a year and a half that a client hasn't been happy which I know isn't a lot but it still affects my confidence.
I think I came on here more for abit of a rant but if anything similar has happened to anyone else it would be great to hear aha!
You have to learn to be thick skinned in this industry.
Did you feel you did a good job and we're happy with the result?
I feel like i could of started with a higher peroxide and did consider putting foils in the front while I blew the rest but after she said she was happy I just left it. Maybe I should take it as a learning curve. :/
Arh hope it's not knocked your confidence. Wouldn't be happy that she isn't wanting you to fix the problem. Just make sure when she is in the salon that you are seen doing a fantastic job on some one else. I hope your colleague has your back too x

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