Considering L'Oreal-if anyone can help please


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Jan 12, 2014
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I done my level 2 with wella and I only really liked there reds, I done my level 3 with Goldwell and still use them now but I find they don't cover grey very well at all. Someone who I work with swears by Loreal so if anyone has any top tips please I would he great full as they don't have any courses near me anytime soon [emoji17]

Thank you in advance [emoji4]
Loreal is great for natural colours. The reds are the most intense reds in any range i have used. Majirel is fabulous for grey coverage, for extra coverage you can mix the tint with water and apply over white hair then your tint with 20vol and that covers lovely! They have quite an easy numbering system and you can use mix tones to help neutralise or intensify tones. The multi techniques powder bleach is also really good and quite gentle on the hair. Dia richesse is lovely and shiny, dia light is excellent for colour correction! Don't get me wrong, there are some flaws as with every range, for example if you want pastels or vibrant colours like purples or pinks this is not a good range, but for naturals and good blondes this is excellent!
I don't rate Inoa. I've been using it for the past 4-5years and the coverage it getting worse.

I quite like the dia's.

Can't compare the bleaches with anything.

I like the sunkissed lightening oil.

I think there's some inconsistencies with the reps. Some people get free courses. Others are lucky to get a free comb.

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