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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Market town in Herefordshire
Hi Guys,

Can anyone enlighten me on what products I will get in my training kit when I do my 4 day foundation please?

Thanx :D
Hiya sharon :D

Good to hear you are doing foundation course :D

Im assuming that you will b doing liquid & powder :!:

If so, your kit will contain the following;

8/10 oz pure colour white powder
8/10 oz pure colour pink powder
8/10 oz pure colour clear powder
Retention + liquid
100 tray of tips.
1 x gelbond
1 x speedbond
small scrubfresh
small cool blue
aha cuticle eraser
1 x crystal touch pro-styler brush
selection of abrasives
solar oil
1 x enamel
2 x dappen dishes
acid-free primer
some performance form

This is a standard list that is subject to change, but generally this is what to expect :D
I still get xcited when i open up my students kits to check them, so u will have some great fun :D

which academy are u attending & when?

lol liza xx
creative educator for kent
Sorry Sharon

I forgot to include on the list your nail trainer, which is a prophesis hand (yes they look pretty scary :shock: !)

It will become invaluable 2u for your initial training & later 4 trying out new procedures

lol liza xx
Hi Liza,

Thanks for a quick response, yes it is going to be the L&P that I will be doing :) . Unfortunately it won't be until early 2004 as I have no holiday days left to attend the course and I have to save up for it (my parents say they will give me half) 36, married a child and still they help out when they can - sweet isn't it?

I will be training with Marianne at the Shropshire Academy. I live about 15 miles south of her in Leominster, Herefordshire. I went to Marianne yesterday for a full set of Forever French L&P overlay..WOW :D ...they are fab, I had a little bit of 'twinkle' (northern lights silver) over the top too :thumbsup: .

I originally trained with gel (Essential nails & Bio Sculpture) but have now realised that Creative L&P is the way to go to be the 'best'. As I already have a 'Nail Trainer' (have named her Gloria) do you think that Creative will knock some money off the course for me?

Sharon x
hiya sharon

lucky you to live close to an academy :D
where would we b without our mums & dads?!
with regards to your nail trainer, im not sure whether they will sell u just your product kit.
its worth a try :D
if not, u can always sell either your old one or your new one on e-bay.
see which one gets the most worthwhile price? :?
also watch & learn from marianne when she does your nails. a number of my students that live close enough do the same with me. it will give u a great head start :D
r u going 2 excell?
if u r, visit the creative stand & watch the awesome demos.
also come & say hello 2 myself & ruth(nails in london 1) & faye( nails in london 2), we will b competeing.
lol liza xx
I fully intend to watch Marianne VERY carefully as I find this invaluable in anything new I am learning. I really hope to get to Excel, I am hoping a hairdresser friend of mine will be able to take us.

I love my nails and cant wait to get on and do my foundation course. Thanks for all the encouragement, really appreciate it. :p
Jus found this post, thought i'd carry it on rather than start a new topic....

I've got my L&P foundation in October, and have been sent a rather long list (LOL) of additional products and things to get. It says I need them for day 4, but I have been told I wont need everything that is listed.

I intend to get the majority of the list while Im at Excel, but could somebody please tell me what EXACTLY i'll DEFINATELY need to buy, for day 4. If there are things on the list that are only required as additional products for use after the course, then I wont get them just yet (I have no money, sob sob). I jus need to know what products I need to buy for day 4 :)

Sooo can anyone help?! Thankyou ;)

Just completed my day 4 TODAY!!!!!

I never received any confirmation or a list of additional never really had to worry about additional items until after day 3, when I suddenly realised I didn't have enough tips to finish what I had to do on the cards, and I exploded my gel :shock: on Day 3, so I needed a new one of those!!!

I will tell you what I bought to complete the course...

1 x box of Velocity Tips (because we practiced smile lines on tips a lot)
1 x Gelbond 9g (because mine burst!)
1 x pack of Abrasive Samplers (new files were needed desperately because you apply so much product when learning, that they wear out quickly!!!)
1 x pinkie bottle of Solar Oil (for my model....just to keep her happy and using Solar Oil really)

The whole lot came to about £40 inc. delivery, but you might not even need it!! I would recommend you get files, but the rest depends on how you get on and how much practice you do!!!

If you want to save money, (depending on how friendly you get with the others on your course) you could always order stuff altogether to save a bit on delivery..a couple of girls on our one did that, and shared some bits they ordered between them.

You don't really need everything listed - not yet anyway!

Hope that helps...
Well done,

How easy/hard was the test & what did it consist of?
Thank you for answering and big big big well done for passing!!


Will deff get more files and tips. Solar Oil, Scrubfresh, CoolBlue and Cuticle Eraser were things i NEEDED to get anyway and are essentials, so will stock up on them! I'll get the things I feel i'll need. Thankyou again ;-)

I'm sure you will get the 'feel' for the things you need Layla, like you say...and Sharon..the 'written' test consisted of 51 questions based on the theory you learned on Days 1 and 2. Oh and a little drawing of the anatomy of the nail.

You are watched when you do your rebalance, and they send you away with cards to complete (ready for day 4) which are also marked.

:rolleyes: It's easy...Honest!
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