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Sep 29, 2011
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Hi guys :)

Just a little question and maybe a little help.

I have a client who has very resistant grey. I use Affinage she has an 8.32.

She is 100% grey on sides and around 80% on top.

I have tried the double bases , leaving on for longer time and also pre softening.

Am running out of ideas? I don't mind trying a different brand?

Thanks in advance xx
Do u use 1/2 8 & 1/2 8.32 ?
Wella koleston perfect 88/0. Not sure the tonal value .32 represents in affinage, but you can add special mix to change the tone. 6% 50 -60 minutes processing. You'll get it covered. No need to presoften etc.

Also be very meticulous in your retouch application to avoid the previously colored hair as the 88/0 with go dark there leaving you with lighter roots.
Try the techno fruits. it has brilliant grey coverage. It's 1:1 1/2 ratio but use it just under that and should cover the grey perfectly
Use lots of N in your formulas and try upping the developer strength like equal parts 20vol+30vol=25vol or lo heat under a hood dryer up to 20mins to help force open that cuticle. Some brands cover better than others like INOA didn't cover well at all. I have had great grey coverage with Redkens fusion. You could try using clear developer its a bit stronger.
Thanks everyone, I'm looking into changing colour brand to wella so might give that a go x
Yep I agree def wella... The Double bases cover really well not supposed to mix them with the fashion shades only the special mixes. And they do come out a little darker so that's something to be mindful about.
And leave on for 50 mins rather than 40 mins.
Have you tried neat tint over just the resistant areas? Mix up with 3% as usual but I'd do as previous poster said and use 8.0 and 8.32,. The 8.32 will have little to no coverage on white hair.

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