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Oct 17, 2015
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Hellooo, :)
I'm looking for help with stopping concealer from creasing under the eyes! I have the Mac conceal and correct pallette and I love it, BUT I find it creases under my eyes so I'd be wary of using it on others! Any advice appreciated, :)
Hi, with Jane Iredale under-eye concealer (Enlighten) - one of their tips is to mix it with a tiny bit of primer before applying. Maybe this would help with your Mac one?

Will give that a try, :) thank you, :)
If it's creasing easily (as opposed to hours later) then more likely it's the product at fault.
i have always found my under eye concealer to crease and badly. have now started using primer and the Nars creamy radiance concealer then buff that in and leave whilst i do my foundation. then i use a sponge like beauty blender and dip it in loose powder, don't be shy, then press the powdered sponge onto my under eyes, again not being shy with the powder and let it sit for a few minutes then i buff away any excess. no more creasing and it lasts a full 10.5 hour shift no problem.
I'll try being more generous with powder under the eyes then use my fluffy brush for the excess, :) got to be worth a try! :)

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