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Oct 24, 2014
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Hi guys, just looking for some advice.

I done a clients lashes about a week ago - a regular client with no issues before - but they were too curly for her. Had her back in to relax which worked but now she’s emailed saying one eye has relaxed too much whilst the other still has a slight curl to it. What should be my next steps as I am obviously very wary of putting more products on to avoid over processing the lashes?

Thanks in advance 🤍
I have had exactly the same problem occur with a client only this week. I have done a relax treatment which seemed to be successful today and it is wait and see. Her lashes are in good condition and I have decided to re-lift in about 3 or 4 weeks if necessary.

The lash lift supplier was not forthcoming with help and fortunately my client is very much on my side so we are going to see how things go. Luckily she has had it done lots of times before and knew there was something wrong on this occasion.

Obviously the new lift ( if I need to do it ) will be only on the minimum timings as they could then be over processed.
For my client we think it is because she arrived and was very hot and flustered before we started. Then during the treatment she shed a few tears with having lost her mum very recently and so that meant watery eyes adding another failure reason.
Such was the lash lift but it looked perfect when she left me.

I am sorry staystrongsoa if I haven't been much help, but do try and get in touch with either your trainer or the lash lift product supplier for best advice. Mine weren't forthcoming as I say, but as long as the lashes don't look frazzled I am sure they could be re-lifted soon.

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