Creative AND EzFlow?


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Sep 29, 2003
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I think if I could sculpt the free edge with the forms and use EzFlow ( because they have so much nice colors) and then sculpt the rest of the nail with Retention and Creative powder,....???
Has anybody done this ?? :?:
This sounds too much chemical mixing to me - you will be using retention over some un cured EZ Flow. I say stick with one system and dont play chemist.

If you like EZ Flow then use it for the entire nail. If you like Retention then check out the colours in the Creative range.

If it is glitters you want then check out Nail graphix ( and you can add your Creative powders to the glitter as it comes without any powder added.
hiya :D
i agree with fiona
always best to stisk to 1 system through a complete set.
as fiona says, glitters & "pretty's" can either b encapsulated or mixed with all cnd powders.
designer nails sell a range of nail sparkle dusts, which r super fine.
i have a goody bag full of little things that i've picked up on my travels, just waiting for the right amount of inspiration & time(ha ha!)
kiddie glitter is mega cheap, & works great.
i keep my mixes in film tubs that i get from photo labs.
there r so many techniques that can b used, mayb i can work out a workshop to cover them? i'll see what i can do..............
lol liza xx
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