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Jan 12, 2003
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Hi all

This question is for either Mr or Mrs Sweet or indeed anyone fron creative who are in the know :D. Please could anyone tell me if Creative Completely Covered is being offered again yet because I am very interested in doing this course. I am in the process (v.early stages) of setting up my own business offering hair, beauty, nails and holistic therapy and will hopefully be able to get a grant towards non-depreciating expenses such as rent, rates, training, utilities etc which is a fairly decent amount. I was supposed to go on the Advanced Nail Techniques course at my local college but have since decided against that after something someone said about going to college not necessarily being the best way to train as a good majority of tutors are not exactly well qualified to do the job and I am well inclined to believe this after doing a 10 week acrylic nails course at college and still not coming out feeling confident about doing nails.

So if anyone can tell me if the NVQ has been sorted, which is the reason I was given for Creative Completely Covered having been stopped for a while, and also if it still costs £1300 (or thereabouts) as before or if the price has changed I would be terribly grateful.

I look forward to your replies

Take care everyone

I am sorry it's taken a while to reply to this :rolleyes: We can't continue the CCC at present! Everything is ready to go but we want to make sure that ALL Creative Nail Academies are united in what they are doing! Until NVQ is finally sorted, it is difficult for us to do one thing but not enforce it in our other academies!! There was a price reduction of about £300.00 and various freebies but you could still benefit from the FDFC etc and save your evidence to put towards the eventual NVQ - just a thought and sorry I can't be too more specific. Please feel free to call the Academy Sales Dept and speak with Janet if you need more information! ;)
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