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Jun 10, 2003
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I am fairly new to the site so hello to all. Its took me a few weeks to read all the posts and tutorials etc.... I have to say its a very great way to learn and keep in touch with whats new.

I done my creative foundation course 3 years ago after doing the EN home learn course. (which i found very good) I was then very lucky to work with a very experienced nail tech who was a creative master tech, done all her NVQ, so i contiuned to learn from her. After a year a chance came up for me to open my own shop up with a hairdresser. I took it, as the rent is very cheap. i was busy from day one but after reading all the posts I feel that i need to do more training, I only do L/P my clients seem more than happy with this system.
But I might have to move to the midlands soon (coventry) So i would love to do some more training with Creative as i want to be as good as i can be. There is so much more i want to learn. So as any one got any ideas on what i should do next, my aim is do my masters and NVQ but which one do i do first?
Also does anyone know where the nearest creative academy is to Coventry?
Hope all of you that went to Gmx had a great time wish i could go but the bank balance is still trying to recover from Excel
caren :)
One of the girls coming to work for me, did her 4 day foundation course at Ellisons in Coventry. I did my pre-masters at Ellisons Birmingham as there were no spaces available at Coventry.

If you do search for training it will come up, I would give you the numbers but am off to G-Mex shortly so obviously I can't look it up for you.

You have to ring through to CND Education at Leeds though to book the courses.

I'm sure someone else may leave the number.

Jue ;)
All Creative classes are booked through a central number.

We do indeed have a great trainer - Jane Cook - who teaches at Ellisons in Coventry -- how convenient for you.

Number to ring is 0113 275 5719 and ask to speak to an Academy Advisor.
Thank you Geeg and Mrs Gadget for your replies. yes Geeg it will be very convenient for me as my mum practically lives on the door step of Ellisons. So even if i don't move just yet i can still go and stay with my mum lucky me. I shall be ringing for the info tomorrow
thanks very much
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