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Mar 11, 2003
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hi, ive jus enrolled for an advanced nail course at my local college. the training is done with creative products. because of this would i still have to do the creative introduction course form creative or would i be able to jus do the advanced courses??
Once you have trained at the college using Creative products, it is not necessary (with proof of certificate) to re-take the Foundation course with Creative. We only allow colleges to teach with Creative if they have passed certain criteria! And there are not many who have to be honest. And we accept their certificates.

However it would be very wise to go on and complete your education to Master Level with Creative as these classes go far beyond the 'advanced' nail training you will receive at any college. Also not all college tutors understand the products the way a CReative Ambassador does so you will get much more understanding in that regard from a Creative Class.
can you please let me know which college this is .thanks
is it right that i would have to wait 12 months before i could get on to the master classes? or can i go straight to them after i finish my college course??
There is nothing to stop you taking the Master classes as soon as you want, but remember that you will have to prove your skills on the qualification day in order to gain your Master Qualification and people are seldom ready to do this before a certain period of time has elapsed ... which of course is different for different people. Usually it takes about a year.

It is up to you. The training is valuable anytime but your skill must be demonstrated at the end of the day. As they say here .. poco a poco ... little by little. don't try to run before you can walk but if you feel you are ready then there is nothing to stop you going for it.
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