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Feb 5, 2003
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Can anyone tell me where the nearest Creative Training place is to me. I live in Spalding, S Lincs.
There are 2 Creative Academies to choose from in your area, they are Nottingham and Leicester. If you call an Academy Advisor at Designer Nails on 0113 275 0433 they will send you a full information pack specific to your requirements. Hope this helps.
hi there is also bridlington and leeds in the north...
On surfing through threads I note you mentioned a "Creative Academy" in Leicester. Do you know where it is as I live in Leicester and when I rang up I was told the nearest to me was Nottingham. If there is one in Leicester - all the better!!!!!
I just checked on the Designer Nails webpage and Leicester is definately on there.

Go the education page, then "your nearest" and then highlight area where you live on the map

Hope this helps
The Creative Nail Design classes available in Leicester are the Four day foundation course and Creative conversion 1 day course. These classes are held within Ellison's.

Hope this helps
I am also from leicestershire and yes leicester ellisons are now running the 4 day foundation course and the creative conversion course.

I am currently doing my master classes which i do at Bromgrove with Jane Cook.

Nice to see some geeks from my part ;)
Thanks everybody!!!! Yes I know Ellisons. That will be ideal. :biggrin:
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