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Aug 23, 2006
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hello, at my work they order the white creative tips,
but the well on the tip is a see through white and the tip is bright white so when you apply to nail you can see the nail bed colout throght the well area.
but we all seem to be handeling them different, some buff the well away and some apply white l&p over the top or some leave them like it and it looks so bad!!!
what is recommended as the tips cant be left like some other tips can be or do we have a dodgey batch?
thank you
mine look the same ...never use them now to be honest, i always use clear/natural or sculpt....i would apply white product over the white tip and then it will look uniform.
This is what i do, but the company wont change tips over.
have you ever buffed the well away like normal ones? im not keen about it but seen others do it?
so are these tips a funny batch or are these as they come? im sure they never use to be like it. x
they are not a funny batch....blending them to remove the well would spoil the smile line...white tips should only have the shine can still use white powder/gel over them though.
ok ill stick to what im doing thank you x
Have you tried the new Performance tips from CND in the white color, they have a very natural white color and you can´t see the natural nail under this tip, so you don´t need to use white powder on it to hide it :)

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