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Jun 19, 2013
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I'm wanting. To change all my products to cruelty free (vegan).

I've started using schwarzkopf ingola for my colours. I'm wanting to find out the best styling products and hair care plus shampoos and conditioners. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

There was a brand popped up on my fb feed recently. Just in last couple weeks. Natulique. Swedish company I think. They do a colour line and hair care. Check them out. They look promising. If you click on their link and fill in few details they will email you anything you want to know. I had a follow up call after I filled it in and on that call I requested stuff in email which they did, but they have also not called again so they don't seem to be pushy, thank god.
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i discovered maria nila last week, also swedish i believe. im yet to try it but will be introducing it into my salon next week to try out x
Thanks ladies I'll check these out!! x
I use Maria nila shampoo and conditioner and I love them! Not tried any of their styling products though. Only thing is a couple of the conditioners are a bit heavy xx
Maria nila are lovely though if your hair is really dirty the shampoo just disappears! (Sulphate free)
We use aveda in our salon! can be pretty pricey but the products and colour lines are amazing.
We use aveda in our salon! can be pretty pricey but the products and colour lines are amazing.

Aveda is amaze balls! My first full time salon job was an Aveda salon. Should never have left... aw well.
Sneaking over from beauty but I use Maria Nila shampoo, conditioner and their colour refreshers and love them all. I'm not a hairdresser though so only speaking as a 'client'.

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