Crystal Pedicare question (again lol)


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Nov 9, 2009
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Hi Geeks. I have just been reading all the forums about the Crystal Pedicure. I did try to do this about two months ago just messing around but the Crystals went dull. I tried Gelbond but was a bit too messy, Then I tried to cure them with Glaze and go but the shine went dull, I also tried just base then Top coat but they didn't hold them in place long enough.

I have been reading the forums and people have mentioned using Resin then Activator dry??? I know this may sound daft but I have only used CND L&P before, So I am not sure what these are. Is the Resin some kind of glue that you would put on the toe then the Crystals on top,What is the Activator Dry and when would you use this?:o

Hope makes sense.:hug:

Thank You

Tracie xxxxxxx
Hi ya the Resin and the activator sprays are what we used to use when doing Fibre glass nail extensions, the resin is effectively a nail glue that can be activated to set with the spray, however it goes off very nicely on its own. Use it to adhere the stones on and wait for it to set, you dont need to go over with a sealer, i have tried all of the above and it works perfectly, sealers just make the stones dull. i have done lots now and havent had anyone say they have lost there crystals. You can then soak off in acetone to remove stones. Hope that helps XXX:)

So would you just use the resin and not need to spray with activator??

I hops so as this sounds like a fab and easy way to apply without dulling them with a top coat.

LC xxx
Yes, its a good idea to use a good basecoat or a layer of gel to support the natural nail before application x:)
Thank you that helps loads xxxxxx
Fab! Thanks so much x

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