Curling boys' hair?


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Hi, I work in a high-end salon in Dallas and we see more and more young boys (12 & under) coming in with long hair, often shoulder length with bangs. Anyway a couple weeks ago I trimmed a boys hair like this, he was about 10, and his Mom asked if I could put some curls in it afterward/ I was like, sure, but thought it kind of unusual. (He looked adorable and seem ed to've had it done before.) I asked some of the other stylists about this and they said it's becoming more common for boys to come in for not only highlights and longer styles but curls, braids, etc. Usually just with curling iron but sometimes on rollers. One girl has a regular who brings her son in every month or so for a trim and a roller set under the dryer. (She said the boy seems to enjoy it.) Our owner told me she knows at least one Mom who regularly has her son sleep in sponge curlers!

I've looked around a bit online and it seems like this is a lot more common than I'd ever thought. I must admit it's fun working with boys' hair in socalled 'feminine' ways, but I'm just wondering if others have seen this -- ? Do you think it's fine to do boys' hair in girly styles? I'd really appreciate any comments or experiences.



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Hi there. I remember where I used to work, a lad came in. He was about 18 with really moppy surfer dude hair. The stylist hadnt been with us long. Instead of styling it messy and rough she used a medium round brush and blowdryed it with root lift and soft shape at the front! After she finished he went extremely red, plonked his hat on and scurried out the shop. Obviously this is a little different as he diddnt have his mum asking for this, it was just a communication breakdown!