Cut throat razor training

Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by Clairethehair, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Clairethehair
    Hi I'm new on here and hope someone can help me. I'm looking to learn cut throat shaving and wondered if anybody knows of anywhere around Northamptonshire, Rugby, Leicestershire, whether it be a salon or hairdressing college that provides a course or training.
    Excitedly awaiting your responses.
  2. Clairethehair
    Anyone ?????
  3. PicklePie
    I seem to recall that Sally's advertised cut throat razor training recently. I've never done any of their courses so am not able to comment but you could certainly investigate.
  4. Kazmo
    I recently did cut throat shaving it covered 2 days. It's in Nottingham not far from the city centre look up Sid Sottung.
  5. Clairethehair
    Thanks folks, That's great x
  6. Wellahead
    Putting shaving foam on a balloon and using razor is a great way to practice x
  7. Clairethehair
    I've heard that. I was gonna use my husband. He'll be so relieved . I'll have a go with the ballon x

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