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Mar 2, 2014
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Plymouth, UK
Can anyone recommend good cutting courses for bobs/short grads etc. I can do them but not great, and have no confidence in them! I'm in Plymouth, but surrounding areas are fine!
Look into monthly subscriptions with My and and both break down these types of cuts in many different shapes and styles. You might want to try it out and get a few mannequins to practice as well. In my experience with bobs you really need a specific pattern to follow and focus on mastering over and over again that then you can branch out and get more creative and play with different lengths etc.
If you can afford it, book yourself onto the 5 day ABC cutting course at Sassoon in London.

You won't regret it and it will be money well spent!
And if you can't afford Sassoon check out Debbie G training. Ex Sassoon trainer at a fraction of the price.
If your a TIGI account, get piero gentile to come to your salon, make it a team education event as he's part of the creative team so good with big groups etc we had him down at the beginning of the year and he is just amazing, but alternatively Sassoon is just amazing x

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