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Oct 14, 2011
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colorado, usa

These nails are a client after she improperly removed her enhancements (tsk tsk). They were horridly short after removal so we applied Gelish. That held somewhat well for around 10 days. The edges did start to lift as her nails are so thin, but there was growth and progress.
We removed Gelish and applied Shellac. That lasted a good 2 or 3 days before it started to peel, so she came in for removal.

Now this is the result. The nails are so bendy that the shellac and gelish just aren't holding as they do with all my other clients. She has decided she does not want enhancements anymore though.

Any healing suggestions?

Btw, client uses solar oil twice daily.
She is a nail biter so this is actually good pregress.

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It looks to me like the damage has almost grown out, or is that even older damage? Maybe waiting it out is the only way?

I would give her clear hard gel NNO and gelish, or gelish structure gel with gelish:)
i think you use young nails don't you?, try 2 layers of the maniq clear (pot) to give a bit of strength under shellac (untill they bring out their own version) or i would coat all the nails in fiberglass and then shellac. both versions work well to give strenght to weakened nails.
I think I'd be inclined to use silk :D x
Ill have to order some maniQ. I've been meaning too but it haven't yet :/ I also have no used silk or fiberglass since I was licensed 6 years ago lol.
Jill have to refresh my skills.
How are wraps removed??
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