Dashing Diva & Shellac-Thank god for CND!! :)


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Feb 6, 2009
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Ohhhh I just had to post. I used to find french manicures a real pain in the backside. Don't get me wrong, I love doing nails but I'm such a perfectionist I would be there for ages trying to get the smile line even more & more perfect......... anyways CND comes along and launches the fantastic Shellac (which I adore!!) and I thought I'd try the new Dashing Diva although I didn't know too much about it at first.
WELL. I have a life long nail biting habit (I know, I know its awful.... lol) but I thought I'd try my very best to grow them coz I find it a real pain trying to do my own all the time. With the help of Dashing Diva and Shellac not only do I now LOVE doing french manicures -they are SO EASY and look FANTASTIC but it is helping my nails look great, and nice and smooth which keeps the fingers out of my mouth..... I just love these two products so much. Im taking piccies of my nails as they go along to remind myself how awful they used to look and how far Ive come. They still look 'average' but they look a whole lot better than they used to!! Thank you CND I think I love you!!!:hug:
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