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Apr 15, 2006
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i'm looking for a daylight lamp to take to clients homes and have just seen this lamp in argos, its an energy saving lamp, has anyone used this when working with gel?
Hi ,

It looks very similar to the one I use which I got from B & Q and I use with gel no problem :)
Are you talking about using this to actually cure the gel, or just to see what you are doing???
hi there, no its not to cure its to see what i'm doing !
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This is your baby - I've had this lamp for 3 years (and still on the first bulb btw), it is fantastic, doesn't heat up (as heat will cure your l&p faster or make your gels run, so do be careful there), and no matter how long you use it for, it won't hurt your eyes like some hth
hi there, no its not to cure its to see what i'm doing !

hee he, was going to say!! WOAH mrs, you dont wanna do that!:green::green::!:
ah, i've seen these, they look good, its typical that i start looking just before santa's on his way to 3 children!
oh fificharlie, i wonder how many people have tried it!

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