Dealing with the aftermath from NSS


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Apr 26, 2010
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I had to do a demo set of gels today using Amore on my manager at the Spa I work at. Unfortunately, she got a really bad set prior from an NSS and they were quite terrible. Lots of bubbles, weird shaping and the whites were actually airbrushed on. Not even a white tip glued or sculpted white.

Anyways, it was my first time using Amore and I was pretty nervous as her nails were quite bad. I was worried about how much they had filed her nails before they did the gels so I left a little bit of it on her nails (like a fill) because I didn't want her to have burning in the lamp and they turned out fairly nice even with still being able to see some of the old gel beneath.

My question is: When I get a client in who has a set from another spa (or especially NSS), should I risk taking all of the old gel off and start fresh even if I don't know what they other people have done? Or should I treat it like a fill?
I think it depends.
If the product doesn't come off within a 30 minute time frame, I just leave a thin layer and go on with my application. I don't want to thin out my client's nails or risk exposing myself to the mystery product.

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