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May 7, 2003
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I love my organiser bag with all its pockets but, as I try and squeeze my oblong acrylic organiser into it (yeah, I know, the teachers always said the square peg does NOT fit into the round hole you stupid child !) I was taken with a brief moment of inspiration (this is about as rare as total eclipses for me... :silly: ). Why don't Designer Nails produce a set of circular desk organisers that can be slotted into the bag...maybe one slim and another that can sit on top which is deeper to take the bigger stuff?!

I have found I can get up and ready to go far quicker now that I put all my necessities into the organiser and simply put it straight onto the table, instead of having to work my way around the bag to get everything I will need. I do like the ideas of all the pockets, particularly for polishes, files, tools etc but being able to just pull out the main items in one go from a "desk organiser" and get to work is proving so much quicker and easier - its just the struggle to get the thing out of the bag thats proving a pain at the moment (yeah, I told the teacher too, if you push hard enough, that square peg DOES fit in the round hole miss if you bash it enough...!).

I know I could just go and get a big box and put my beloved desk organiser into one of those but I LIKE ROUND :rolleyes: !!!

Just an idea for the powers that be....oh...and hang on, I'm having another of those moments ....question: why don't Creative do a white enamel (for French) with built-in UV inhibitors...I know you can get top coats but this would be an extra preventative because, no matter what I use, those whites always turn a bit on the creamy side....
Thats a really good idea, I don`t use it as I bought a metal box to keep my products in as it contains the smell somewhat.....but I think a round caddy would look quite attractive sat on your table.
I have printed this and handed to Christian in Marketing - great idea :thumbsup:
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