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liza smith

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Jul 1, 2003
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sittingbourne, kent
hiya all
just thought i'd let you know that the staff of designer nails, the creative ambassadors, & the guys who run the show shimmied on down untill the early hours of sun. morn.
i, for one had my fair share of bubbly, good fun & boogying :D
mr & mrs geek, geeg & simon, cristian, charles & gillian ; thank you for inviting us to share in our fabulous new premesis, & for putting sooo.. much effort into the evening.
when i entered what i knew to be a part of a warehouse, i thought that someone had transported us to the great hall at hogworts!(harry potter, in case anyone hasn't read the books)
there was black drapeing from the ceiling down to the floor, & there where tiny fairy lights in the ceiling, that resembled stars :D
the tables were set out every bit as good as the ones at the jodie kidd charity event that i worked at recently 8)
the food & drink was excellent 8)
the music made me dance all night 8) (thank-you roya for being a great dancing partner!)
we got back to the hotel at about 3am(i think :oops: ), after dropping off the lovely david!
we carried on with the bubbly back at the hotel after running into some of the essex guys who had decided that the party was too good to go back on their minibus :D
the hangover i woke up with on sun. was worth it 8)
so thank you all again very much
lol liza xx are welcome!!! We all had a great time and thank you for making the effort to come all the way up north to join us!! You looked gorgeous :salute: in fact everyone did!! A good night was had be all!! BTW I loved the 'hogwarts' anicdote - wish we could have had candles dangling from the ceiling, that would have looked great!! :rolleyes: ;)
goodness...never posted a reply before but couldn't let sunday night get any further away without telling you what a seriously fantastic time we had (me.. Al and Bex)
Thanks for all your hard work and all the rest
lots of love...
the thiefs in the night
sarahxxxx rainbow
how come everyone elses little smiley thing works and mine doesn't...
sarahzuk said:
how come everyone elses little smiley thing works and mine doesn't...

Below your message, the 'Disable Smiles in this post' tick box was ticked. If it is always ticked... check the settings in your profile... anyhoo... sorted it for you... you crazy bird... glad everyone had a good time... I sure as hell did ;)
It was a truly fantastic night, although i would have probably enjoyed it alot more if i wasn't so ill!!! :pale:

Lucky for Lauren and Daniel that they didn't come home with us back to essex, I for one didn't walk through my front door until 6:15 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:shocker: :shocker: :shocker:

And poor Justine had a further hours journey from my house!!!

But it was a fantastic night and i look forward to the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:hic: :hic: :hic:

{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}} to everyone who worked so hard to make it the night it was.

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