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liza smith

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Jul 1, 2003
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sittingbourne, kent
hiya guys
i've just about recovered enough to crawl to my pc & post to tell you how we got on.
it has been more hectic than ever :shock:
my timetable started on sat;
12.00 arcadius show WOW! v.funky. decadance(red) with white star of david on 1 nail.
2.30 j.maskerey show WOW!#2! gorgeous rainbow glitter.
4.30 joseph o show nice clothes but not my thing.
amanda reevell & i had run from show to show & we got back to our hotel at 10.45 :shock:
on sunday i judged the nail tech of the year for sak's salon's. good to be on the other side of the fence, boy was i very thorough!
back home sun. evening.
mon. & tues. worked in salon, but got a frantic call from samantha 4pm "can i come to london as soon as i can, instead of 2moro as they'd JUST heard that they'd secured the JULIAN McDONALD show!!!!!!"
1 slight problem..... he's asked for LONG red nails.
red.. no problem
long.. on 23 models in less than 24 hrs :shock: :shock:
we sat up half the night customising 250 tips... i have virtually no skin left on my fingers :(
it was worth it, but i'll tell you y in a mo...
so, amanda, sam, nicola, emma(a member of my team who helped out at the last moment!), & i arrived at julian mcdonald at 1.15.
by 3.15 only 2 models had shown up :shock:
big problem... 2 of us had to go to nxt show at 4.30, & another 2 to the 3rd show by 5pm :shock:
by the time amanda left to go we had only done 11 models...
there were some big models at this show & it seems they all try to be the last to arrive, which means we have an almost impossible job vying for position amongst the hair & make-up people...
elizabeth jagger was very lovely
niome cambell was really.......not!
emma was left to finish the job, while i joined amanda at the maria gratchlovel show.
these nails had been loveingly prepared by our lovely dianne plumber(thanx di). they were clear tips, which had been air-brushed natural pink to make fake nail beds, leaving the ends clear.
the trouble with this procedure is not to put too much gel bond on top of the sticker, or they would stick to the model (not an option as some models go onto other shows immediately),or not putting on enough so they come off while they go to the toilet :oops:
amanda & i legged it into a taxi, (bumped into carrie grant of fame academy, lovely lady!) to last show, warren narona.
these nails were painted with voodoo(gloss black), with the corners taken off to leave a point.
we met up with sam & belle(p.r lady) in taxi &went back to the hotel for quick change.
sam & i arrived at julian mcdonald's after show party at 11.30!
unfortunatly after all the celebs had left :(
however.....we got talking to someone who happened to be julian's best mate at uni.!
he arranged a photo 4 us with julian & then ..... we were asked to join him at his table for champagne :shock: :D 8)
if anyone is thinking that he had alterior motives, we were also introduced to his boyfriend!!!
we got back to hotel at 4am :shock: , v. tired but v.happy!
hard work, but great memory making moments 8)
lol liza xx
Liza - just saw your message and was amazed, what a brilliant experience you have had :o Am really really pleased that you were at the front of British Fashion (did you like the outfits??) Probably didnt have time to see them eh :D

I have just been watching the style awards and looking at the models nails, Julien McDonald did a catwalk show for it, with Elisabeth Jagger and I love Maria Grachvogel!!! Well done for a brilliant time and great representation for Creative!!!!!

I had been wondering who did the models nails at Fashion week, makes my small Devon town seem VERY DULL!!!!

Bet you will be high as a kite! Congrats and sleep well!!
Well Liza,
Hope you have recovered, did you try the banana hang over remedy ????
It was so funny, well it was for me on my side of the phone......
But I must say, You and Sam deserved the Champus.......

So where did you get all those stick on nails from at last minute??
I was gonna go round and get some myself and send them via cab to ya lol....but boots and claires had all sold out lol....did you get there before me lol..????????????...................

I am glad you had a tough, but great time, did the peanuts help at all ????
Well babe it takes a true professional like you to pull this of...oh yea not forgetting the rest of the creative team..........Nice one girls ...........

Love Ruth xxxxxxxx
What would we do without our lovely, loyal, talented, hard working fantastic Creative Ambassadors????

You are simply the best and most dedicated bunch ... dropping everything to jump at the 'call'. We are as always in your debt ... thank you so much especially from me.

We didn't do all this stuff in my day - good thing it probably would have killed me off -- but it is worth so much to our reputation. How many companies can put their reputation in the hands of a team of artists time and time again an never be let down ?? ... we are just so proud you are part of our family.

Thank you once again. XXX
once again, thanx v.much for your comments :D
it really is a pleasure & a priviledge to realise a teenage dream.
if you look at my signature, you'll see that my love's r all things nails & fashion, where better to realise both of these than london fashion week (well, maybe new york or paris!), ...
there was talk at the julian mcdonald show that we may have got a job in paris :shock: 8) , i'll let you all know if i hear any more!
so, all you nail techs out there, there are no boundries in this industry, get your creative heads on & start builing your portfolio's.
lol liza xx
I was going to start a new topic but Liza has done it all BUT I have the proof in the pics!!! :shock: :shock: I have to wait for Sam to come home as I don't know how to post them on the board!! :rolleyes: We had an awsome time, celebs we saw were Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Minni Drive, Victoria Hervey, Baby Spice, Sadie Frost and of course the designers themselves!! I have so many excellent pics and will do a feature for either Nails or sCRATCH!! The team were fab and Liza and I did have a really good night with 'The Mac'!! I have emailed the pics to his best mate Kevin today!! I WANT Paris in February.... CUMMM ON CREATIVE 8) I am so shattered I can't even explain and I think I have 10 milllion orange dots and at least 60 new people have joined - welcome all!! :thumbsup:
Anyway girls I missed you all and will have to sit here for some time to see what you have all been up to!! Another cool thing is that we have got CND promo products on FAMILY TIES (Channel 5 5:30) apparently - I have never watched it so maybe someone can enlighten me!!
Ruth, Fay, Layla, Crazy, Groovy, Dawnie, etc tec GOOD TO BE HOME!! mUST do a new post about Dublin too!!! :shock: ;) :rolleyes: adios Geeky Girls xx
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