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Feb 2, 2023
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So I've been browsing this forum for the last month, going through old threads to understand challenges faced running a salon.
Me and my team are working on a software product focusing on the scheduling and management part of the business.

I would love to speak to owners for about 20 minutes, on call, to understand some pain points they have with their current solutions, or things that aren't able to do.
I've researched a fair amount of the solutions in the market that are there today, but still feel there could be scope for improvement in terms of easier flows, simple functionality and just easy-to-use software for both the salon and their customers.

Since I understand that I'm asking for time, I'd be more than happy to help in the following areas pro-bono, to be able to have that call :) I've been running a 75 person creative agency for the last 8 years and we've worked with a bunch of brands like Intuit, Amazon, Sony, Draper VC, Toys "R" Us, Tesco, Bosch etc. So I'd be able to help out with the following
  • Development Work
    • Setting up Wordpress, Shopify
    • Installing themes and templates
    • Setting up your domain, business email
    • Building out Zapier integrations for different workflows
    • Setting up forms for your site
    • Building loading animations for your site.
    • Any issues with Shopify, Wordpress
      • Integrating with other apps for SEO, mails, SMS etc.
    • Payment gateway issues with Stripe, Square etc
  • Design Work
    • Merchandise graphics
    • Instagram offer creatives
    • Templates for your social media (like before, after etc)
I'm hoping that I'm not breaking any forum rules, with this post! If I am, please feel free to move this thread, mods.
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