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Business Development Manager


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Apr 25, 2008
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in Puri-tan Land!!! <3
Company: Puri-Tan

Position: Business Development Manager

Salary: OTE £40,000 – Basic & Commission

Reporting to: Managing Director

As a leading and luxury health and beauty company were looking to recruit a Business Development Manager.

Having been established in the market for a number of years and with a large celebrity following this is a growing brand to be part of.
The ideal candidate will need to have the following Knowledge, Skill, Experience and Expertise to fulfill the role.


How a Sales Territory should be overseen and how best to drive continuous sales performance improvements through customers without losing goodwill.

Ideally knows how the spray tan industry works and has useful contacts across the entire sector or has experience of sales functions in similar FMCG businesses

How to implement locally all types of sales strategies and promotions to ensure maximum impact achieved.

How to construct deals which do not compromise margins and company guidelines


Able to organise working days to ensure maximum number locations are visited and is able to plan contingencies often at last minute.

Able to demonstrate effective negotiation and influencing skills both externally and internally

Able to communicate effectively verbally to influence clients to choose Puri-Tan products and inform.

Experience and Expertise

Experience of working in Sales or Retail Divisions with a track record of identifiable successes in same/similar industry sectors i.e. beauty, health or possibly fashion

Coping with variety of sales business cultures/personalities, competing priorities and regular long working days and often away from home for 3-4 days per week.

Role Purpose

The aim of this role is to achieve and exceed sales targets by continually identifying opportunities to maximise profitable sales and distribution of products through developing business with existing customers, enhancing the profile and image of Puri-Tan and building relationships with new customers particularly those in Premier Professional Salons.

Role holder must be able to effectively manage their own performance on a daily basis and must be able to put in place contingency plans when sales targets look like they may be missed.

High levels of service standards are expected from the role holder and a desire to always improve personal selling skills and learn from others.

An important role that has a direct impact upon the profitability of the business through the achievement of sales, promotions and distribution targets.

Main Responsibilities

Achievement of sales and distribution performance targets

To achieve territory sales objectives by careful planning on a monthly basis and thorough follow-through on a day to day basis where profitable sales and distribution targets are maximised and personal presentation standards, accountabilities and targets are clearly understood. Able to always identify re-merchandising opportunities and can motivate salon staff to choose and use our products at all times.

Specific sales and distribution targets will be set and ideally beaten for each Territory and a key result area for the role is the continual satisfaction of all customers and development of premier professional Salons.

Personal presentation and an organised set of sales tools and record systems are vital for successful selling and service to happen.

Understands Sales Policies and adheres to rules i.e. selling complete introductory packages and not 'cherry picking', not selling outside of designated postcodes and not selling where existing contracts exist.

To be able to compile journey planners that must be completed on a four week cycle plan in conjunction with accurate, detailed and easy to use salon record cards to minimise wasted time and maximise time with customers.

To carry and utilise immaculate presentation folders, fully stocked drive cycle sample bags, car and demonstration stock at all times and ensures that every Salon is aware of promotional drive lines, support materials and gifts. Can sell and place show cards in best sales positions in all Salons

To be able to persuasively and professionally promote newly launched products compared to competitors products.

Through effective selling techniques, is able to constantly motivate Achievement Reward customers and achieve results to benefit both parties.

If you are interested please email your CV to [email protected] or call 07787 241 089
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