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Jan 18, 2016
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Hi all I usually use wella products but I had a client come to me with her own dia richesse colours, we use
5,54 which her old hairdresser used. It's such a lovely colour is like to use it on anther of my clients, she likes a reddy brown already, just wondering if I should add some base 5.0 or not? I don't with the other client so nt sure why I'm actually asking just need a but if reassurance!
Her hair is naturally a base 6 with a few greys x
I would if she has a few greys maybe use just a bit of 6 with it then it shouldnt add to much depth but enough that it doesnt go lighter on the greys id do it just to be safe x
Thank u I had already just brought a 6 my thoughts excatly many thanks x
Yeh depending how much of the 5.54 you use if u do full tube just add like quarter of the 6 just to give a little bit of depth x
The Diarichesse never covers grey hair 100% anyway, but adding a tad of base will help! These colours are fab for condition and gloss.

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