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Oct 3, 2003
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Can anyone help me here,As i am new to nails (1 year). How do i apply these diamond rhinestones to a french manicure?. I dont know anything about nailart but i think i could add these to a french manicure, just need my thoughts confirming really.
Thanks Girls.
easypeasy :rolleyes:
Please, someone must have read this.(ABOVE)
Am I being thick here? :oops:
Pleeeeeeeeeeeese Help!!!!!!!!!!

I use rhinestones alot and i place them on the polish and seal with a topcoat and advise the client to apply more top coat to make them last longer.

Hope that helps you.

Cristine :)
Hi, Once you have done your french polish, Apply top coat and apply rhinestones along smile line of nail. Once dry apply 2 coats of either top coat or nail art sealer.
I use an orange stick with blu-tac on the end to pick up the rhinestones.
Hope this helps.
Allthe best.
sawasdee ka easy

with rhinestone there are many thing you can do and can make flower if you look some magazine or have book or go some web have tutorial for use rhinestone .

And when you make rhinestone for customer them happy and you can have profit because in Thailand we pay 1 baht each for rhinestone and for customer have 5 or 10 baht for 1 .

I think
clear rhinestone look very beautifull 1 finger or on french but some lady them like red or gold up to her i have 3 size rhinestone i have size 5 7 and 9 .

Kop khun ka mui ka
Sawasdee ka

I want speak 1 more thing we same another lady use orange wood stick and blu tac but with size 5 i take with tweezer first and then when i have where i want i use stick .

Kop khun ka mui ka
Thankyou so much for this girls.

I have never done the rhinestones before, but i now feel confident enough to do them.

easypeasy. :thumbsup:
If you use gels, the you could seal the rhinestones in the gloss layer. This way they won't fall off.
Hi Winky

Thanks for that but i dont do the gels just acrylics. not bad idea though, they sound as though they would be more secure.

easypeasy :)
You could always put a gel gloss layer over the acrylics. That's the way i usually do it, even when i'm not putting any rhinestones on the nail.

You could always use nail glue - I use this a lot and they seem to stay on even better! :D

But I must admit - they do look lovely under gel, then they will not get caught and knocked at all!

Good Luck and Merry Christmas

Lynn 8)

I put my rhinestones (my signature design is a rhinestone dragonfly) on a cured layer of Bio Sculpture Gel and then cover with another layer. Once this top layer is cured there is no way those suckers will move.

I'd love to see what a rhinestone dragonfly looks like!! :)
I'd also love to see what it looks like. Or at least describe how it's done. I'm so tired of doing rhinestone flowers!!!
Rhinestones, i love them and you will to.

There are various techniques that you can use to lift the stone onto the nail. Make sure the nail is always wet or tacky first. Keep the stones near to the nail, preferable in a jar. Using a damp orangewood stick, or dip it in clear varnish, or with a little blue tac, lift the stone onto the nail. Always seal with clear varnish.

You can embed them into gel or acrylic. You can use glue to make them last longer. You can reuse them again and again on your self or the same client.

I always use Swarvoski crystal stones as they have a beautiful shine. We sell them in 16 different colours and 2 sizes. The large are great for toes and teeth!

The designs are endless, dont stop at flowers! I love hearts, names and lines. This time of year is good for the eyes and buttons of a snowman and the ornaments on a christmas tree.

Have fun!


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