Did i do the right thing?


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Apr 14, 2004
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St Lawrence Bay, Essex
Hi girls when i did my r/b 2day on the middle finger the acrylic had a crack across from side wall 2 side wall tried to buff down to c if i could c how bad the crack was but it looked like u could slightly lift it up towards the free edge so i thought it best to soak off once all off the natural nail actually had a crack in that as well where the client a banged it did i do the right thing by soakin off?:confused: :confused:
I think you did the right thing coz the way you are describing it, it sounds like the product had lifted on impact and there was every chance that moisture etc. could have got underneath as well. I would have done exactly the same ;)
I agree with Carole Jackie, as you could see it was a deep crack, you probably would have done the wrong thing by just redoing the acrylic. At least with a soak off you can then really sanitize the nail properly and see if re-applying product is okay.

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