differ.ent systems how to promote them best


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Feb 2, 2003
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how do you all promote the different system to your clients.as you cant say one is better than other and then when it doesnt agree with them tell them to try another :shock: after you have said the other ones are not as good.by systems i mean fibreglass and acrylic and gel :shock: just wondering what you all do
quick response here - I have been sick for a week. :puke: You don't promote one system over the other, you as the professional prescribe the correct system for that client. Sit down with new clients and ASK questions about life-style, fashion preference, natural nail condition etc - all of this should give you, the professional, the answer as to which system this client will suit the best.. ;) You then recommend to the client the system that in your 'professonal opinion' will work best for her / him. I keep saying 'professional' because at the end of the day we are ALL know much more than our clients and it is up to us to guide them down the correct road! :study: :thumbsup: Hope this helped!
I agree with Mrs. Geek. It is up to us as professionals to decide what product is best for them. Depending on nail health, lifestyle and the level of commitment they have. I would never put a set of acrylics on someone who does not have the time for regular maintenance. You have to tell them what THEIR part is in having enhancements and if someone balks at using Solar oil everyday or a two to three week mainenance I would recommend manicures. I never say one product is better than another, I just say so and so would probably suit your lifestyle better. This is why client consultation is so important. :)
Okay, so you've applied L&P (Ret +) to your client. She comes back for a rebalance and has product lifting and various problems (hyperthetically speaking of course!!). You know it has nothing to do with prep, product application or anything else.........would this be the time to try another system ie. Fibreglass or gel?

Just curious, Adele ;)
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