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Feb 24, 2010
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Maidenhead, Berks
Hi All,

I have a Dior Cosmetic interview and would like to know if anyone knows what there best sellers are? I went into Dior today but the makeup artist was off sick? I have looked on the net but still have had no luck?

Thank you
Sophie Hawksfield:D
I used to work for a Dior counter for a short time. They like you to be really smart for the interview by the way ! They have the 3 main sections, makeup skincare and perfume. They also have men's skincare and fragrances. Jadore is the most popular fragrance then the make up is probably second to that. It is a lovely brand and I love all there products as well. There most popular skin care product when I worked there a few years ago was a serum called one essential. If you have a look on the internet as well to have a quick peek at the general info on Christian Dior as the brand has been going for a long time.
Good luck , I'm sure you will be fab :D
Hi, I worked for Dior for quite a while, unfortunately it was too long ago for me to help you with their top sellers. They do however have a strong sense of brand and like you to know about them, ie their history. They are part of the LVMH group and are proud of their prestigious heritage. I hope this helps and good luck, they were a lovely company to work for x

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