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Oct 20, 2013
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Hey hair geeks!
Gosh it's a long time since I've been on SG. I should start by saying I'm not a hairdresser, I'm looking for help from hairdressers who care for their clients, like I know you lot will.
This week I've been in tears.
Bit of a long story, but bear with me! So I started with shoulder length fine hair, with an ombré from my natural root colour, probably a 7/8 with a lot of natural red in, to blonde, but with a lot of different colour blondes in. My mission was to get to a nice ash blonde, with as close to my natural colour, but covering greys as I could.
So first hairdresser put high lift bleach all over, avoiding roots, it came out as you would expect, some orange, some almost white bits, I though, it's ok because she will tone it, but she didn't, she said we needed to lift it more, and that she had used a bleach with a toner in already? Ok I though, we will get there in the end. She did a cut, took about an inch off, and left. I wasn't too happy with what I was left with. IM a nail tech, one of my clients said one evening that she could get me to the colour I was wanting, and I was thrilled, and booked my hair with her. She said that she used to teach colouring at college, so I felt in safe hands. When she came she said she would pay attention to my mid lengths as my ends were light enough to tone, so she put bleach on, all the underneath of my hair, the complete back, and sides up to my ears, even at the root.
At this point I didn't panic because I couldn't see what she was doing and I trusted her. We took the bleach off after about 30 mins. She had used one that gets 7 levels of lift she said. With a 20 volume, plus olaplex to help my hair not get ruined. I should say this was all done at my home as she was mobile. I took a quick look in the mirror after rinse off and that's when I started to panic. We then did the next part which was toning. She put the toner on ALL over my hair, using 3% including my roots. She said it wouldn't touch my normal colour. It was time for wash off. I washed off and put the next part of olaplex on, left on for 30 mins. Rinsed off, I was excited to see the colour. I was mortified. I had patches of ginger on my roots. I had patched of white above my ears and the whole underneath and back of my head was yellow. She said it would take a while to get to the colour I wanted. She left. I got more and more upset as the day went on, I eventually contacted her, I don't usually complain, but I couldn't leave the house like that. She also gave it a cut, which is awful, loads of choppy bits. So she agreed to come back and darken my roots up a bit, because obviously the 3% on my roots had taken. And lifter to ginger. I was happy she was coming back to fix it. When she came back I told her I needed my roots darkening up to my natural colour, but I was worried about having a line. I though she would ombré it in, but she proceeded to put foils in all down my ears, and near my partying. I'm not a hairdresser and I trusted her. When I rinsed off and looked at my hair in the mirror o was shocked, but thought let's see what it's like when it's dried. She said do you want to have a look then. I went into the room to the mirror and nearly screamed. I think she could tell that I was shocked. The whole front of my hair was brown, hardly any blonde, and the underneath was white still. She said I'll come back Thursday to fix it because I've got to go. I couldn't leave the house and sobbed, I couldn't even do the school run. I have had to buy a 7.1, I've had to go back dark again. I've done it myself, as I've lost confidence in hairdressers.
The front has taken more than the back because it was darker already. The underneath is lighter because it was yellow. My hair looks badly damaged, and I Dare not text her telling I've had to go dark to cover up the mess she's made. I don't know what to do. I now have short brown hair, which I didn't want. What can I do? I don't know what to do. Will I be able to go back to my blonde? Does anyone live near me who can help me? I'm absolutely devastated. I'll try and upload some pics of what she left me with. Do I contact her? Please help me, I'm so upset. ❤


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Not all college lecturers are actually good at hairdressing!
Stop wasting your money with cheap incompetent hairdressers and spend time researching until you find yourself a really good colourist.
It's fixable but it will probably cost you a fair bit as it's a colour correction job now.
Do you think my hair will withstand more bleaching? I suppose it's hard to say without seeing it. How do I know that hairdressers are good colourists, sorry for my ignorance but I don't know how to choose one. This lady had over 20 years experience in hairdressing, it's all she's ever done? So I though that would make her good at her job? I don't know who to trust or where to find someone?
Thank you
Also AcidPerm, i didn't mention how much I had paid? I wouldn't say it was cheap.
Is there anyone else who can help me?
Hi have you actually put a darker shade over your hair now?
I have been in this situation many years ago whilst I was training at college.

My situation was I was white blonde, I am naturally a base 7 -8, but my hair was always done with wella 12/0 and toned with a toner to get the ash effect.
I once fancied a change and my hair was done with a 6/4 but it had turned out darker than expected, I really didn't like it and I wanted the blonde back ASAP but the 6/4 gave me a lot of warmth so I knew it wasn't going to be easy, anyway my friend who was training as well, she did get it back to how I had it and luckily my hair stayed intact apart from a bit of breakage on the ends, but I had a colour remove applied, then she used bleach with 6% which took it to a very warm blonde but I had a lot of orange patches like yourself, then it was left for a few days then I had another lot of bleach with a 6% which took it up to a nice clean blonde on the level which I had before of a 12, then I had a toner applied afterwards to give me the ash effect. It can be done, but does take a lot of work. I did have my hair restyled into a graduation bob afterwards and I did use a lot of intensive treatments
The photo you see on my profile pic that was only a few months ago and now I have a 12/0 all over again. :)
Hi , I would be very wary of any hairdresser that says they would be willing to lighten it back up again . As it has already had two lots of bleach on it ,
Even a strand test wouldn't give a full picture as it looks like it had lifted to different levels all over your head .
If I where you I would concentrate on getting the colour even ,
A hairdresser can do this using a semi and a very low vol peroxide which can be done without incurring any further damage
The best hairdressers aren't always the ones who can ' talk the talk '
Or who have the most impressive social media pages
Personal recommendation is usually best ,
Hope you get sorted soon [emoji4]
Elle Bella - I agree with the strand test. My hair was once strand tested with a cherry red box dye - the strand test came out lovely and red, once put on my hair , I had 2 inches of bright red and the rest of my hair it hadn't touch it was still on the level of a 7. A don't find a strand test will give you much accuracy!
Thank you ladies. So I used 3% and a 7.1 all over. Some bits are darker as they were darker before. It was such a mess I couldn't even leave the house. What do I say to her? She's supposed to be coming back on Thursday, I haven't told her yet that I've had to do an all over colour. I think I would like my money back, and want to find someone who is well trained in colour correction, I'm finding it hard to find someone! I really don't want to stay as I am at a 7. It would be ok as a root colour. I am seriously worried about it breaking. I'm willing to pay to use olaplex at the same time as bleaching if that would lessen the damage. She was a client of mine before she did my hair, no doubt I will lose her as a client, I'm not too bothered about that. Do you think it would be fair to ask for my money back to go get it sorted somewhere else? That's if anyone will even want to attempt it! I'll leave it a week and carry on with olaplex 3 to try and keep it strong, and hope that it can be re done. How do I find a really good colorist? Google is not being very helpful! Thank you so much for your advice ladies, I really appreciate it! I didn't know where to go for help! X
Hi , maybe you could ask a friend or a client who's hair you admire who their stylist is ?
You will probably find someone who will lighten it but I personally would give it time to recover and get used to it a bit darker for a while then you could maybe start with fine hi lights ?
Would you mind telling us how much you paid.....just curious....and it can SOMETIMES give us an idea of someones level.

There is a saying
"those who can't - teach"!
Don't want to disrespect any hair 'teachers' on here, but I do know a couple of hairdressing tutor's, that by their own admission "weren't very good on 'real' heads"!!!:eek::p

I would pop into a couple of decent looking salons, and ask for some help.
See how the consultations go before you proceed.
I wouldn't go back to her at all, reflections are very good at colour correction, have you thought about them, but I know it's money as they can be expensive. By seeing the photos myself I wouldn't be happy, in fact I would be very upset.
A few fine high lights as Elle Bella suggested would be a start?
I found bedhead shampoo and conditioner called elastic really helped my hair as it is a protein shampoo and conditioner, you will need to do a lot of conditioning treatments to help the condition of your hair.
Coconut oil is also good, you can buy it from your local supermarket, saturate your hair in it and leave on for 1-2 hours in a towel.
Hiya ladies. I paid her £55 including a cut and blow, but I bought the toner for the first time she did it, I think that was about £9 including vat? So what almost £65?
I use the macadamia shampoo from the wholesalers, its great stuff. I also have some fibreplex
Bond maintainer which I'm using every time I wash. It's not in bad shape considering what it's been put through. I won't mind how much it costs to get it fixed, I've been looking at salons in leeds, and renegade has the most reviews, but it might well be fancy, but I suppose that doesn't mean all the staff know their stuff? They do offer olaplex though, which would be good for me. I'm slowly getting used to the 7 that's on. I could really do with the money back to put towards the correction, I have paid her to completely ruin my hair! Omg! When I look at it like that it sounds crazy! I went by her reputation, and a recommendation, I wonder if she's just out of touch with new techniques such as ombré? As that's what I really wanted doing when she came to fix it, but she did foils? Hmmm, I'm going to have to text her to tell her not to come on Thursday, should I ask for my money back? Would you offer if you had made a terrible mistake? I know I would be mortified if I'd ruined someone's nails. I'd be constantly worrying. I'll keep conditioning and looking for someone well trained with colour correction. Yes maybe some fine highlights would be the way to go. No way am I going to let her touch my hair again. Thank you so much ladies xxx I'm beginning to feel a little better, although I do feel like I'm wearing a wig! [emoji33][emoji17]
£55.00....! to INCLUDE a cut and blow dry.......I think that's very telling.
It doesn't excuse your unsatisfactory result, but that is well below what a professional colour service should cost IMO.

If you consider the time taken to do the service, and the products used, Bleach, peroxide, toner, foil, Olapex..........!
When something is priced so low, you do need to proceed with caution.
The toner I bought, I also have the olaplex , it's not hers. All she used was her bleach and foils. Still looking for any recommendations for a really good colourist who's well trained in correction, is there an award for this type of thing? I know there is in nails, I wonder if hair is the same?
Thanks again ladies x
Try have a look for a colour specialist. L'Oréal may have a list on their website and go have a chat with a few different salons that have a colour specialist :)

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