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May 19, 2003
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Hey everyone,

Can anyone help me out here, the thing is when i do my clients infills, you can always see discolouration from the old acrylic, underneth the new acrylic, and also you can sometimes see the fill lines, iv tried everything, i file it right down, use line out.
What am i doing wrong??

Hi Suzane, it could be a number of things. Maybe your product is showing signs of age - some products do not hold the colour very well. Do you use primer - if you do and it touches the old product it can sometimes leave a slight brown line.

You could try using a UV blocking top coat to try and limit the colour change or maybe look to using a higher quality product.

If you dont get rid of all lifting then this could also leave a shadow - let us know what products you use and maybe give a step by step of what you do during a rebalance.

if you do a search there was a post about line out a while back and sam gave an opinion on it which is spot on IMO which will explain a lot to you, also if you search on rebalance geeg replied to someone with a step by step or it could have been nailsinlondon. I dont know what products you use but some products do "age" and discolour so it may not be something you are doing, although the lines and discolouration could be due to using lineout.
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