Do I have a comtaminated brush?


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Jul 24, 2003
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Devon England
Hi Guys!

I have a little problem you might be able to help me with. :oops:

I have been practising applying liquid and powder this morning, and I can't seem to put my bead down completely onto the tip. There is some product being left behind in my brush, a little circle the size of the bead I am picking up!
Does this make sense? I was wondering if it was the technique I was using that was causing this? I must be doing something wrong, if I have to wipe it before I attempt my smile lines!!!
Or is it that my brush has something in it (old acrylic) and I need to really give it good clean? I am hovering it in monomer now, to see if that will make a difference!!!!?????

Any advice is appreciated...thanks in advance girls!
Hi Dawn

Seems to me that you might be working too wet. Check your Liquid to Powder ratio by placing a bead on a tip - does it sit nicely and just sink by about a quarter, showing no signs of monomer around it? If so then that is perfect. If it sinks into a pancake or leaves a ring of liquid round the bead, then it's too wet.

Have a play, if the ratio is right you won't be left with any product on your brush.

As for contamination, wipe your brush through couch roll - if it shows yellow in the monomer then it's contaminated.

All the best
It could be old product... But I think corn o pepper may be right with your mix.
I would suspect that:
a- Your mix is a bit wet
b- Your liquid is contaminated.

If your liquid gets contaminated/partially evaporates it makes the bead more 'sticky' so to speak.

Hope this helps ;)
Thanks for the input...

It could be old product

I really hope NOT! I only got it last week on my 4 day Foundation!!!

a- Your mix is a bit wet

I think this is the most likely cause. When we were learning last week, it was absolutely boiling! :fire: Lynne and Katrina were having problems with their mixes, and got really frustrated because it made it hard to teach. (We put the monomer in the fridge in the end!!) As a beads last week were rubbish!

b- Your liquid is contaminated.

I hope this isn't the case because I can't get anymore till I get my certificate!!!! :( I'll keep at it today and see if I gets any better. ;)
I think I may have made that more confusing than I ment to-

When I said 'it could be old product'... I meant that it could be some other product left in your brush, or old partially cured product in your brush.

If the room (and hence liquid) was very warm during application... then the monomer would have been evaporating very quickly... making it much more difficult to work with.
When I said your liquid may be contaminated, I meant that the liquid in your dish may be contaminated... not your bottle.

Hope that clarifies things ;)
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