Do I take a job below my expected pay level?


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Do i take the minimum wage job

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Nov 23, 2012
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Victoria, BC
Hi guys!

I am in a bit of a situation here and really need the advice of other professionals.

4 years after graduation, and plenty of experience I started my own little nail salon (just me) in august 2014 when i moved to a new city. Tthough it is going well and i definitely see potential, i was never making enough to cover all my rents and living expenses plus my fiancée just moved 12 hours north for the forseeable future (for work of course) and i plan on following him in the next year or so, so i am slowly trying to close down my business. I still have people who have bought packages from me who need to use them up before i leave.

I thought it would be a good idea to get a part time job to make the financial aspect a little easier while i take on less clients. I've applied for - and been offered - a part time position that seems perfect! Except its minimum wage 10.75/hr I wouldnt even be able to pay my work rent with it. I've negotiated a .25 cent raise in starting salary. Which still isn't quite enough.

Should i just take the job even though I'm feeling a little cheated? I have very specific hours i can work and they've okayed them. My other employed jobs have started me at $13/hr, but those were also in a smaller city.

I'm starting to feel like this industry is flawed. We pay $27,000 to go to school and then become professionals. Only find out that the receptionists with no schooling at all makes more than us. How is that fair??

TLDR: closing own business, applied for a p/t job that turned out to be minimum wage. No other options. Do i take a huge pay cut?
I'd say take it if you need the money but keep looking for something better. X

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