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You dilute barbicide to the strength indicated on the bottle for disinfection. You must handle neat barbicide VERY carefully and not get any on your skin.
You could keep your implements in a tupperware type of container in the barbicide if you are mobile. You should rinse them before using. Barbicide does stiffen up the joints of your implements so have a little 3in1 oil handy. SolarOil works too :D

Another solution which is far easier to me - is a spay bottle of Chlor-i-spray. Just spray your implements between clients and no need to soak. Chlor-i-spray is a hard surface disinfectant and can be used for desk tops, phones, toilet seats anything.

Stephanie Morris

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Apr 24, 2003
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I have seen the thread further down the board about barbicide, but it doesn't say if you use Barbicide Neat or Diluted??

Also as a mobile tech what is the best thing to store in it?? So cuticle nippers, cuticule pushers etc can be disinfected between appointments..

Whats the best thing to do ?
Hi Geeg

Thank you for that info.

I also have Sanitize from NSI that I use for hands, plush brush and table etc. Would this be sufficient to use for my metal instruments??
Stephanie Morris said:
I also have Sanitize from NSI that I use for hands, plush brush and table etc. Would this be sufficient to use for my metal instruments??

Naa... Great for hands... but since they are metal implements... you really want to disinfect them. Disinfecting kill most pathogens where sanitising just greatly reduces them.
Remember to sanitise before you disinfect too!

I would really recommend a spray disinfectant... less caustic to your implements.

O... and stay away from phenolic disinfectants... those suck.
Must admit, when I work on a mobile basis (and even in the salon) chlori spray is the best!
1/ it's sooooooo easy to carry in ur bag
2/ it does everything. hard surfaces, files, metal implements
3/ it drys quick.
4/ it smells nice & clean (without being overpowering)
5/ it's not too dear!!!!

me likes :D
Thank you for all your replies, can anyone advise me where to get the Spray Disinfectants you are recommending???

What is Phenolics?

Hey Pepper...

Heres a thread where we were discussing phenolics before:

Oh dear, Stephanie,
Chlor-i-spray is available only from Designer Nails and other One Stop Nail shops in the UK. SO sorry.
We'll send you some if you want, but it might be a tad expensive to send it all the way to OZ!! :D
Hi Geeg

I am in the UK, i'm in Surrey. Do wholesalers sell it like Capital or Sally Ogee?? or can you get it from somewhere like ellisons?? I don't think I can order from Designer Nails as im not trained by Creative.

Thank you for your help.
The only restrictions that Designer Nails place is on Liquid and Powder products.

Everything else can be bought as long as you can prove that you are in fact a professional and not general public :)

Hope this helps
Hi Stephanie

Ellisons stock most of CND prods, if you have a trade card you can get it from there, the only restriction being liquid and powder as you have to have been on a CND course received your certificate before you can buy these.

Hope this helps.

Jue :D
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