Does anybody use Racoon International?


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Apr 19, 2012
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Does anyone use racoon international hair extensions?x
How long you been working with them for?

Do you find sometimes people will not pay for racoon hair?

Also what are your views on the hair and products?x
I do. I trained with them 11 years ago.
In this day and age of 'cheap' extensions I find not many people go 4 the racoon option. I therefore brought in a less expensive option to b able to give clients the choice
Isn't the racoon method just like a glue gun and loose hair?
Hey Bliss - thanks for ur reply.

What cheaper hair extensions do you use? I have been looking at different suppliers but either more expensive than racoon or single drawn hair?

Racoon Method is the applicator but its not glue its natural orange peel extracts n that which melts down to create ur bond.

Hi I started doing pre bonded a year or so back to be able to offer an alternative to racoon.
I use hair from lush or hair planet. Tbh I am busier with this than I am racoon, but I think it's the price.
People are doing it in my area for £150 full head so I couldn't compete with that. Although I am not that cheap lol

Do the prebonded damage your clients hair?

Which course did you go on to do prebonded. This is what im thinking do I do another course so can offer a cheaper option or stick to the racoon way of applying and buy cheaper hair?

I dunno whats for the best to build my business up?

Thanks Jemx

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