Does valentines bring in lots of business?


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Jan 6, 2008
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Hiya, this is my first valentines doing my business.
And i was wondering do you find it brings in more clients with the special offers etc? Im currently doing my leaflets for my offer.

So is it a busy time for you? if so what beauty industry do you think it bumps up the most?Xx
I just started out in a salon a few months ago as an esthetician, but I figured I'd throw in my two cents anyway. :p

I beleive that it will be just like xmas. People, (husbands and boyfriends), will be coming in a few weeks prior to the holiday buying gift cirtificates. I would think that the last week of feb and march will be busy since everyone will be cashing them in.

Something that could be popular would be couples package? (ie: massages & facials)

Hope your valentines day is both successful and profitable!
yes it does get busy, i normally do pamper packages and partners buy
the gift voucher for that package, i also state the voucher has to be used by
end of march as the packages are on special offer. i do packages for mothers day aswell.
it can get busy, in the salon they do cnd spa treats like sensations man and peds with a glass of wine and a tray of chocolate hearts, :) we don't do many spray tans but for valentines. x

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