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Nov 19, 2015
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Hi guys.
Do any of you have more than 1 gel nail brand within your work place,
I have brand i used when i was training, I absolutley loved the product and colours.
when i started renting a room I was told that we can only use well known brands as our clients wont know what it is. so i went an brought gel and nail varnish in the same brand, and don't get me wrong i think the product is just as good. But i feel finacily I am losing out where i am trying to buy this season colours which i have in my other brand.
My question is shall i add these old colours to my salon. has any one done this whats your views.

Thanks GT X
Many salons offer at least 2 ranges of gel polish, I've seen some salon offer up to 4 or 5. I think as long as your upfront about what you are putting on your clients nails, I.e not trying to pass it off as a shellac manicure when its a cheeper less know brand then there is nothing wrong with this. Just tell clients is a gel polish from a different range and that you like it and you like the colours etc. Some will choose not to have it , and some others won't' care :)

Also if you are renting a room, Its completely up to you what products you use, the person who let your the room is your landlord and nothing else, they should not have a say in your business :)
What is the lesser known brand that you trained with?

There are some products that should never be in a salon however nice the colours.

If the brand is reputable & you use the right protocol for their services - the right light, base & top etc then everything @Noreen says I agree with :)
I didn't think of that, i guess when i heard she trained with this brand that it was going to be reputable.

Without getting into the age old argument that crops up here every week…. if it's a knock off product or an off the shelf DIY product then i would leave it at home :)

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