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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
It is the mother-in-law saga again oooooow nooooooo, well ages ago i posted a topic about my mother-in-law and the problems i was having with her keeping her extensions on, since then I battled on with her and explained to her that it really did not help when i was just finishing the prep for her to have a ciggi, so we got over that and she has been good and sits still until I say she can go, which is when I have finished start to end.

We also went from gel to fiberglass, and from then on she was getting on far better, however of late she has been having problems with breaking them across the stress area, I have been doing everything correct and re enforcing the stress area with extra fiberglass strip and still it cracks across in this area? I kept saying to her that it must be because she catches them, but she insists its not.

Well i descided to try the faze gel out on her see if that was any better, she left my house less than a week ago with lovely nails and came back 3 days later with them looking well in such a state, they cracked of in places and chipped in others, honestly a real pickle and still insists that she has been very careful with them, so I went back through everything i did and thought it can not be right. Then i said have you changed any drugs you are on, well this has lead to finding out the truth about what she takes as before i was under the impression it was just HRT, however it is not.

She came of HRT and now takes Duphaston, on top of this she also takes Amitriptyline, and propranolol, and when she has any pain of any sort like a head ache or anything she uses votarol, she likes pill popping by the way, to add to this she takes like she said when she can remember, garlic tablets, cod liver oil, vit E and a multi vitamin. OMG it scares me she is a menice ahhh, so anyway I was wondering if any one can shed any light on this subject for me.

Acrlic may work but honestly my acrylic of late looks absolutly terrible, I have lost the art completly, roll on july so I can do a conversion course with creative so wish i could now.

Ok so any help would be super.

Grace x
Grace you do make me chuckle ... the way you say things ... and this is good for me first thing in the morning!! :lol:

Well of course as we all know, ones diet and general health do play a large part in the overall condition of ones nails. But cracking and breaking and splitting are caused by STRESS on the nail plate. And nails that are too long for her lifestyle (otherwise she wouldn't be banging things).

She may be living her jolly ol life doing as she has always done, and thinks she is doing no harm, but unless you bang them nails don't chip and break (Newtons law of cause and effect).
If she just stood in one place and held her hands out for a month they would be perfect SO she IS doing something that is too much ... coupled with the fact that her own nail plate might be on the thin side overlayed with a hard coating, this creates stress too. The natural nail has loads of movement, the enhancement does not ... this =='s stress and cracking and breaking. Probably why she is bettter with wraps because they are more flexible and move more in tandum with the plate.
Brilliant thanks so much for that, yes her nails have become thinner so yes I can see how and why it may be causing problems, if she cracks one or it starts to break she uses cellotape to keep it in place :eek: ( i told you she is scary and a menice) I have explained to her oodles of times that its not good and if she feels the need to do this could she please use a plaster.

Any way I have also been thinking about what you said about her life style and she has of late also change her job yet again and is now working in a doctors surgary so filing etc and using the tips of her nails, it is all becoming very clear now what is going wrong.

I will get her back shorten the nails a little more and wrap them, ooow how I would like to wrap her whole hand, hey ho.

Once again thanks so much, any more problems with her and I am popping her in a parcel out to spain :biggrin: she is very small so wont be too much in P&P, lol.

Grace x
Lol Grace!
(friendly smile)
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