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Nov 15, 2006
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My friend keeps getting dry flaky upperlip after waxing since her move to the UK.

She uses those home kits you buy at Boots etc but it kept happening so she bought some professional wax with pre and post products (off the net) but with the same results.

(Please don't kill the messenger I am just asking a question; if it is readily available people will buy it even if they aren't pros.)

She says she has tried many different waxing products (non professional), and is even considering NAIR (cringe!!!). It also seems to be affecting her fake tan on her upperlip. she says it turns very dark. when she applies moisturiser while fake tanning it becomes very light.

She asked her therapist, but didn't get a reply (therapist is foreign and her english is not great).

Why could this be happening? I couldn't help her out because I did not know the answer.
It would be good to know too, just in case this ever happens in the future with a client.
If I am reading this correct she has been doing this herself?

Has she had it done professionally? Is she using any form of barrier like talc or oil when she waxes - I do this where needed.

Has she tried having hair removal done but with sugaring instead - done by a professional is my recommendation.
Yes, she is doing it herself and using a barrier.

The problem only started when she was in the UK though. When she ddnt live in the UK she ddnt have this problem, at the salon or at home with home wax kits.

She has had other areas waxed here in the salon with no problem, I dont know about her upperlip though.

I can suggest sugaring to her.

But that still doesn't explain why it is happening. What do you think it might be?
Could be a few things:

Too hot wax, but thought she would blister with that.
Allergy to the product used.
Wax not removed correctly.

Has she used a tiny amount of oil as a barrier? That may help.
Well, I dont see how too hot could be a factor if she is using those home-wax strips that you just rub between your hands.

As for her wax pot she says it dsn't heat up very well.....but that is a whole other story.

I will tell her to try oil and go to the salon for sugaring.


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