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Jun 18, 2007
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West Sussex
Just ask you one more thing. Have to do a list of contra-indications to a facial treatment. I am right in saying that you cannot carry out treatment on people with fungal and viral skin complaints but you can on people with bacterial, you just avoin areas of affected skin???

Be really grateful if you could shed some light on this one???:hug:
The problem with peforming a treatment with bacterial conditions is that you cant really avoid an area with a facial. Acne would not prevent treatment, unless it was a graded condition (in which case if anything else it would be too uncomfortable), Styes or blepharitis could be worked around if you are careful, but the last thing you would want to do is pass bacteria from eye to eye etc so extreme caution should be taken with hygiene (ie facial mask brushes, sponges or mitts etc).
Viral and fungal are both preventative contra indications, but luckily there are hardly any fungal ones on the face anyway.Conditions like conjunctivitis are the most likely culprits that you would come across, and again i would not perform the treatment. Hths:)

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