Easy blend nail tips?


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Jan 11, 2003
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Has anybody any recommendations?
The Creative Velocity tip is one of the easiest and fastest to blend ... hence the name VELOCITY. Fits 99% of nail shapes as well. Natural colouration or clear (no blending). And yes you can buy them without having trained with Creative. You must have a certificate though.
I have to agree with Geeg. Creative tips are so much faster to blend than any other I have tried.

When I first saw the price difference between Creative and other tips, I wondered why they were more. I have tried lots of different tips - IBD, Star, Nailorder, and one or two thers when you get little free samples. None of them are a patch on Creative's ones - I cannot put it into words really, but there is no way I will ever go back to blending other tip brands - it takes so long and makes so much dust. I wish I had gone with them in the first place and not spent so much on other brands - false economy.

I am also able to get them really thin at the free edge without them splitting resulting in a more attractive enhancement overall. I had no success with this on any other brand, and beleive me it is things like this that the customer will happily pay more money for so you get your investment over & over.

I bet if you ask creative they will send you a few in a little sample pack - they are great like that.
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